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Nurse. Educator. Leader.

Suzanne Woodard knows the value of hard work, and what it means to keep us safe. For more than three decades, she has cared for some of our most vulnerable—including newborn babies and their moms. She is an expert who now trains others on delivering critical neonatal care.


As our Representative, Suzanne will...

  • Champion healthcare and rural hospitals throughout the state. Suzanne would be one of the only public health experts elected in our state—which we need now, more than ever.

  • Invest in our schools, no matter how small the school district—because all kids deserve to have a world-class education.

  • Get our economy back on track by supporting small businesses, helping workers, and delivering more affordable health care, child care, and housing.

No candidate authorized this ad. Paid for by New Direction PAC, 401 Second Ave S, Ste 303, Seattle, WA. Top 5 Contributors: SEIU Washington State Council (earmarked). Top 3 Donors to PAC contributors: SEIU 775, Public School Employees of WA, SEIU Healthcare 1199NW.

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