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For State Representative

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The 44th is growing and changing quickly, which has brought great opportunities along with tremendous challenges. Schools are overcrowded and housing is overpriced. Expenses are rising faster than our incomes. As a former small business owner, education champion, and mother, these are all issues that are near and dear to April’s heart which is why she fights so hard for her friends and neighbors in the 44th. 

Putting YOU First

April was drawn to service—in her local school, her city, and now the House of Representatives—because she believes everyone deserves a voice in the direction of Washington state. Young people, seniors, small business owners, veterans, workers, and professionals. 


April has made a name for herself as an effective legislator who has had numerous bills pass with bipartisan support, including House Bill 1342 which ensures no child will go hungry at school by eliminating lunch co-pays. 

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April has earned our support, let’s send her back to Olympia!


April’s Priorities:


  1. Protecting living wage jobs, housing affordability and lowering cost of living increased by inflation.

  2. Investing in education, affordable childcare, and mental health so no child is left behind.

  3. Keeping our neighborhoods safe by using smart, data driven policies proven to reduce crime.

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